Actors: White player and Black player

Fuzzy chess is loosely based on Chess rules and symbolism. Unlike the original chess, in
Fuzzy Chess the winning is not the main goal. Main goal in Fuzzy chess in it is playing itself. In the Players are looking for balances and harmony. Both players need each other’s lines to contrast their own lines. Fuzzy Chess, a picture is never ready. Every moment a picture tells creators on the current state of mind and body.

In the original chess always involves the will of control. Fuzzy Chess focuses on a silent dialogue generated through a common picture, the shared vision.

Fuzzy Chess
Counter-History, Third Space
Venue Manila’s old liquor factory, Turku, Finland
Sumea Shakki, Vastakertomus, Kolmas Tila
Manillan Vanha viinatehdas, Turku